The Jonge Democraten (in English: Young Democrats, commonly abbreviated to JD) is the largest political youth organization in The Netherlands, with more than 5.000 members. Although politically independent, JD is affiliated with the social-liberal party D66 and was founded in 1984.

Political values

Core values of JD include liberty, equality, sustainability, and pragmatism. Furthermore, JD promotes the idea of a radical democratisation of Dutch society, intergenerational solidarity, European federalism and sustainable economic development.


JD has a national board, consisting of six full-time members: a President, Secretary-General, Treasurer, Political & International Officer, Events & Trainings Officer and a Press, PR & Campaigns Officer.

There are ten regional branches centred around major cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Leiden-Haaglanden (for Leiden, Delft and The Hague), Utrecht (including Wageningen), Brabant (Eindhoven, Tilburg), Limburg (Maastricht), Arnhem-Nijmegen, Overijssel (Enschede, Zwolle), Groningen and Friesland (Leeuwarden). The branches each organise weekly meetings, ranging from guest lectures to discussions with speakers and from debates to drinks.

JD International

Internationally, JD is an active member of LYMEC and IFLRY. Its international teams focus on a range of topics, from Latin America to the developments in the Middle East and North Africa. International affairs are handled by Wimer Heemskerk, the Political & International Officer. He can be reached by e-mail at internationaal@jd.nl.

Contact information

Address: Lange Houtstraat 11, 2511 CV The Hague, Netherlands.

Office hours: Tuesday and Thursday

E-mail: internationaal@jd.nl