Trump: the end of American global leadership? -

Datum: 1 mei 2018 | Tijd: 20:00 - 22:00 | Locatie: Café de Wolthoorn

In 2016, everybody laughed at the idea of Trump becoming the next president of the US. Now, Trump has been the leader of the mightiest country in the world for about two years. His presidency up until now has been characterised by populist rhetoric, nationalistic policies and a lot of ‘you’re fired’. How has his term been for the Americans, and what have two years of Trump meant for the US’ leading role in the world? What do his protectionist policies mean for international trade and environmental protection? What does and will Trump’s ‘America First’ mean for other great powers such as China, and the balance of power in general? Is the US leaving a void on the world stage, waiting to be filled?


The US-born professor Greg Fuller specializes in International Political Economy, and will explain to us what Trump means for the future of global politics. At the end, there is room for discussion and questions. This activity will be held in English, and is open to everyone. 

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