Euregion Rhine-Waal Congres -

Datum: 21 april 2018 | Tijd: 10:00 - 16:00 | Locatie: Euregio Rhein-Waal, Emmericher Straße 24, 47533 Kleef

The Euregion Rhine-Waal is a cross-border collaboration between Dutch and German border regions. Its most important goals are to improve and intensify the regions' cooperation, both economically and socially. This is of course a substantial task which can be tackled in lots of ways from many directions.
So what are challenges the Euregion occupies itself with? Wherein lie the opportunities between Dutch and German collaboration? And what will the future of European cooperation be like? 

Because of these questions and more, several political youth organizations from both Germany and the Netherlands will organize a congres at the Euregion Rhine-Waal headquarters in Kleve! There will be a program with several interesting talks and workshops on many topics from experts in the fields such as members of the European parliament, the Euregion's board and more. Additionally, you will be able to share thoughts and chat with many people from a different country and political walk of life.

Details on the program can be seen in the following scheme

Euregio Programma

The list of definitively joining political youth organizations:

Nederlandse Politieke Jongeren Organisaties (PJO's)

  • Jonge Democraten (JD)
  • Jonge Socialisten (JS)
  • JOVD
  • CDJA
  • PINK!

Duitse Politieke Jongeren Organisaties (PJO's)

  • Jusos
  • JuLis
  • JU

We will drive with a few cars from Nijmegen to Kleef, if you want to join us, send an e-mail to: arnhemnijmegen@jongedemocraten.nl

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