PR: Young Democrats tracking MP Wilders during Dutch Constitution Campaign

14 Mei 2005

The Young Democrats, the biggest non-confessional political youth organisation of the Netherlands will be one of the most fervent campaigners during the campaign to ratify the European Constitution in the Netherlands. They see themselves as the most pro-European political youth organisation and therefore consider it their duty to inform the Dutch public of information and arguments to vote in favour of the European Constitution. They will do this through a campaign on the street, debates and the Internet. The key element in their campaign is to follow the 'Referendum TourNo 2005' of Dutch eurosceptic parliamentarian Geert Wilders. Wherever he will go with his campaign bus, he will be accompanied by fifteen Young Democrats and a blue trailer with yellow stars that will announce the message 'Vote YES!'

In this letter you will find an overview of the initiatives that the Young Democrats are expounding in order to convince as many people as possible to vote in favour.

Tracking the Wilders' tour

Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders has received near to 40.000 Euros of the Referendum Commission in order to facilitate him to tour across the Netherlands with his campaign bus. He will travel all around the Netherlands in order to convince people that they should vote against the European Constitution. The Young Democrats however do believe in European co-operation and will therefore follow him with a trailer, three follow-up cars and a team consisting of fifteen members in order to state their view on Europe. Wherever the bus of Wilders will be, the Young Democrats and their trailer will be right next to it, and will counter Wilders' negative view by approaching people and handing out flyers.

The pursuing of the Wilders' tour will commence on Monday the 16th of May in Venlo.

5,000 cans 'Power to Vote'

The Young Democrats have 5,000 cans of high-energy drink with the Red-Bull formula in their possession. A label containing the statement 'Power to Vote' as well as the three most important arguments to vote in favour of the European Constitution has been attached to the cans. The 1,250 litres of drinks will be taken on board of the trailer tracking the Dutch parliamentarian Wilders and will be handed out to Dutch citizens in order to give them the required caffeine which will be needed to make it to the voting stations.

Course 'European Constitution in ten minutes'

Since the Constitution is a complicated document of several treaties and hardly anybody really knows what the difference is between the current structure of the European Union and the proposed changes, the Young Democrats have developed a mini-course 'Constitution in ten minutes'. The campaign team that will go on tour will invite the public to take seats in the trailer chairs, so that one can learn the most important issues of the new Constitution in a nice, relaxed, summery atmosphere.

The European Constitution: Strongly United!

The three most important reasons to vote in favour of the Constitution according to the Young Democrats are:

  • The power of co-operation: More than ever the problems facing the Netherlands have become European problems. Terrorism, air pollution, immigration policies: we can conquer these problems better by working together on these issues. Decades of European collaboration have proved that the Netherlands will only become more affluent and stable as a result of this.
  • Strongly united in the world: The Constitution will facilitate co-ordination by the European member states with regards to a joint foreign policy, yet will not force any country to take part. This will be the only way for the Netherlands, together with Europe, to take a stance in world politics. As a prominent trading country, the Netherlands will profit of a strong Europe in the world economy.
  • A Europe of freedom and human rights: There is no other region in the world where a citizen will enjoy as much freedom and as many rights as in the European Union. In the Constitution, the Declaration of Civil Rights of the Union has been adopted in which the values of freedom, equality, solidarity, human dignity, etc. are underlined once more as core values of the European Union.


On the campaign website 'Grondwetvoor.nl' you will be able to monitor the proceedings of the tour during the campaign. Furthermore you will find more substantive information about the activities of the Young Democrats during the campaign and you will be able to view high resolution-photos of the campaign.

For more information about the campaign of the Young Democrats you will be able to contact Vice-president and campaign leader Bart Woord, 00 31 6 15624560 or bart@jongedemocraten.nl. You can also contact Press Officer Reinout de Vries, 0031 6 23028459 or reinout@jongedemocraten.nl.

For more information on the Young Democrats visit www.jongedemocraten.nl.

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