PR: Young Democrats start shadowing Wilders

The Young Democrats, the political youth organisation closely linked to D66, will commence their tracking of Geert Wilders on Monday morning 9 AM. During this tour the youngsters will stand next to Wilders in order to counter his arguments against the European Constitution. Geert Wilders will start his TourNo on the second day of Pentecost in his place of birth, Venlo. The Young Democrats, with their blue trailer decorated with yellow stars, will follow Wilders wherever he will go.

"We disagree with the arguments that Wilders offers. We can also imagine that his line of reasoning will raise questions in people's minds," states Jan Paternotte, President of the Young Democrats. Paternotte thinks that the Constitution is a clear improvement for the Netherlands. "Europe has provided the Netherlands with much affluence. If we would like to make a real stand in this world, we will have to work together as one Europe."

On the different locations visited by Wilders, there will also be around fifteen Young Democrats dressed in Young Democrat outfits who will state the view of the Young Democrats. In addition to the usual flyers that will be handed out, the Young Democrats will also offer a course called 'European Constitution in ten minutes', moreover energy drinks carrying the label 'Power to Vote' will be handed out to the public. The Democrats also hope to be able to engage in a debate with Wilders directly.

The Young Democrats will assemble on Monday morning 16 May at 10 AM on the MGr. Nolensplein in Venlo.

Not for publication:

The Young Democrats are the biggest secular political youth organisation in the Netherlands with 1,800 members and feel closely associated with D66. The campaign surrounding the European Constitution can be completely followed at Here you will be able to find all the news updates about the campaign and you will also be able to download pictures of the campaign in progress.

For more information:
Reinout de Vries, Press Officer (+ 31 6 230 284 59)
Jan Paternotte, President (+ 31 6 418 231 85)

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